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Infinity Pool at Diamondhead - 2010
oil on canvas
36 x 48 in (91.5 x 122 cm)

The more recent works, "Waikiki", and "Infinity Pool at Diamondhead" are examples inspired by resorts in Oahu, Hawaii. These exotic environments contain every visual prerequisite that one would expect in a colorful and provocative painting.

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Reflectary - 2011
oil on canvas
68 x 72 in (173 x 183 cm)

This selection of large-scale waterscapes was produced by Allan Hacklin while living and working on a pastoral property in upstate New York. They depict 5 ponds, sited in dramatically different settings. They are an orchestration set to earth, air and water, and are fragments of thought left for memory building. It is the fleeting moment that fascinates Hacklin, and in each work a single instant is chosen while the multitude lingers. Brought together, this comprehensive consideration of place, time and action incites an evolving concept of a universe excited and content with perpetual change.

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Mylar Incertitude - 2011
mixed media on wood
28 x 41 in (71 x 104 cm)

Ralston's drawings are almost completely improvisations, in which the piece evolves of it’s own accord and the dynamics of line and form and composition are thereby explored. “Each work is contained within itself as a fully realized thought, but a thought that the rest of us haven’t had yet.”

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Kevin and Tom, Jockey and Starter, Suffolk Downs, Boston MA
13 x 19 inch

Joshua Touster's four year photographic series "Racing Life: Photographs from Boston's Suffolk Downs" documents the world of a small, once proud thoroughbred race track, that is now struggling to survive. The 13 x 19 inch color photographs explore the rugged life of the people and horses at the track, a diverse yet communal family.

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Tablet01 - 2007
mixed media
7 x 4.5 in. (18 x 11.5 cm)

František Skála considers his work to be the creativity of nature itself, manipulated by man: most of his creations are transmutations of natural objects, and the recipe involved is a mixture of humor and earnest, irony and respect, monumentality and sensitivity. It emphasizes the color, light, shape and material qualities of the collected, found objects and their unexpected combinations. Thanks to the Czech Center New York for its support of František Skála's work.

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