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Lamp With Painted Shade
acrylic on canvas
41.5 x 68 in.

Jack Radetsky’s work is inspired by the 17th century Dutch masters and is about light, atmosphere and place. He has come to appreciate that atmosphere is not an object that can be painted, but is rather the byproduct of palette and an understanding of light and the absence of light, shadow. This is the language he uses to describe the intimacy of place and the innate attraction we experience to the light source.

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Centered - 2012
welded brushed aluminum and sewn polyfiber
78 h (with pedestal) x 24.75 w x 12 d in.

The posture of Susan Ferrari Rowley’s structures is one of poise and elegance, intriguingly aloof, suggesting contrivances of arcane but critical utility. They also appear to have eluded the turmoil of artistic creation, produced by necessity itself. – Ivan C. Karp, 2010

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Big Chocolate Eclair - 2012
oil on panel
24 x 38 in.

Mary Ellen Johnson’s oil paintings are intimate portraits that explore the highly personal relationships people have with food. The subject matter is charged with emotional and physiological associations. Size, color, and texture are exaggerated to stir feelings of nostalgia and comfort, longing and idealism. These sensual portraits invite the viewer to confront their own relationships with the food that they eat.

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Face Composition #4 - 2010
graphite on paper
24 x 28 in.

Ed Potters' drawings represent an exploration of surface variations of the human form. By focusing narrowly on an image, he is able to examine without prejudice the texture, line and form of each subject. Using graphite on paper, he allows the various components of the skin to suggest a facial landscape. By manipulating point of view, his intent is to create an elusive narrative.

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Can You Hear Me - 2012
wax, brass wire, black ink drawing, and tape on a metallic gold painted shelf
7 x 18 in.

Just Use What You’ve Got is the title of Lucy Waring’s new work. She has transformed irrelevant, random, ordinary material into constructions that have substance and mysterious meaning. The final distillations reveal the magical process of making something from nothing.

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