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Magyar Posta 1.20 - 2010
oil on linen
22.75 x 35 in. (58 x 89 cm)

The unique flexibility of oil paint endows small and overlooked objects with expressive possibility. That, for Ron Weis, is where art begins; at the moment when the artist comes along and notices an object worth looking at. In this case an object as humble and otherwise ignored as the postage stamp. In this exhibition, Mr. Weis transforms these utilitarian, used and discarded objects into icons of artistic fascination that transcend their humble origins and attain a higher order of visual significance.

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wood, organic materials, resin
51 x 40 x 44 in. (129.5 x 101.5 x 112 cm)

Donna Forma’s sculptures are worked and composed of a variety of natural materials in order to form metaphors about the complexity of life and our attempts to provide a kind of cocoon to encapsulate that complexity. These cocoons are created by manipulating fragile materials, cut, formed, drilled, sewn, wired, lashed, strapped, slashed or woven tightly together creating a high tensile strength, working in and out, through and around, up and down, establishing a beautiful order until the form has been determined.

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Studio Interior - 2011
oil on canvas
51 x 39 in. (129.5 x 99 cm)

This exhibition features eighteen of the artist’s intensely observed and rendered charcoal and graphite drawings and oil paintings dating from 2002-present. The works track the artist's progress inspired from his surroundings and studios in New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley. Gallego’s subjects range from Morandi-inspired still lifes of commonplace objects to haunting, large scale studio interior paintings and his recent gritty charcoal depictions of distressed New York City crosswalks.

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Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum - 2011
aluminum, rivets, screws, paper
7 x 13.5 x 2 in (18 x 34 x 5 cm)

Ken Kalman’s metal sculptures of rifles, pistols and semi-automatic weapons are fabricated from aluminum, assembled using rivets and machine screws and are covered with historic and contemporary maps. The guns are accurate to the smallest detail, and the maps, which often refer to geographic locales in which those guns were used, establish a connection between military history, human intervention and mortality.

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Aphrodite of Brooklyn
lead pencil
.2 in. diam. (.5 cm diam.)

Gino Savino explores a small volume for his micro-sculptures in lead pencil. More than simple virtuosity, this sculptural examination invites the viewer to visually approach a subject that is almost entirely elusive. As non-traditional fine art objects, the micro-sculptures cause a glimpse, catching the eye of the observer; An aesthetic microcosm is being built.

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Middle Bay Teapot - 2011
oil on paper on panel
16 x 16 in. (40.5 x 40.5 cm)

This is a series of small figurative oil painting sometimes referred to as Teapots in the Time of a Tempest. Most are painted over a sub-text of some sort; a nautical chart, an antique celestial chart or just random text. The important thing to understand , however, is that these paintings do not represent anything. They are not an attempt to explain anything- or voice an opinion. Rather, they are a brazen attempt at beauty.

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