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Jack's Diner, Albany, NY - 2010
water color
22 x 30 in. (56 x 76 cm

In this series of paintings, John Baeder continues his pictorial inquiry into the nature of the diner and other roadside eating establishments. Partly an examination of iconic architectural composition and partly a passionate exploration of a particularly American landscape phenomenon, these recent oil canvases and watercolors continue a four-decade long visual thesis on these important facets of American culture, honoring what is now fading fast into the fog of history.

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Green Castle - 2011
oil and gold leaf on wood
24 x 31
in (61 x 79 cm)

Robert Ginder brings the substance and veneration of age and history to the mundane scenes and objects he paints. The California style Mediterranean bungalow is seen through the lens of the fourteenth century and the fruit from the supermarket or backyard as if it were on Duccio or Carravaggio's table in close-up. Glazed oil paint and gold leaf backgrounds with tiny, painted-in cracks give the works a Byzantine presence but the contemporary subjects make for a double-take.

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The Hand That Sets - 2009
acrylic and sand on canvas
45 x 60 in. (114 x 153 cm)

John Meyer is regarded as possibly South Africa's best living realist. His career has spanned four decades, starting in the disciplines of portraiture and landscape. For the last twenty years he has concentrated on what he terms "cinematic narratives". These works explore the world that unfolds between individuals in their most private moments. The narrative becomes emotionally charged by Meyer's dramatic sense of light and manipulation of the painted surface.

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Mazziotti Rooster - 2011
embroidery and applique on textile
50 x 46 in.  (127 x 117 cm)

This series of embroidered and appliquéd textiles is presented as a memento mori for our nation. Each figure is worked in black felt and mounted on a vintage tablecloth that bears the wear and tear of use. They suggest the notion of a great empire, slipping from the strength of her glory years into an inevitable decline.

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A Parasitic Life - 2002-2008
paint  & enamel on wood
5 x 20 x 4 in. (12.5 x 51 x 10 cm)

In this series of reliefs, Ed Lindlof interprets different kinds of lives, each of which is composed of three horizontally arranged elements representing the beginning, middle, and the end of life. The title of each work provides viewers an entryway into considering what aspects of that particular life means to them, while the reliefs offer up elusive and sometimes confounding visual hints.

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