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A-V219B - 2010
painted, glazed, reinforced ceramic
32h in. (81h cm)

Steven Montgomery's exhibition of ceramic sculpture includes wall reliefs and objects of a seemingly mechanical nature but of a mysterious, non specific origin and utility. The works are confounding and unsettling not merely due to the material illusion but because they straddle the border between the familiar and the arcane. They are at once recognizable and implausible.

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Perilous Future (Street Series) - 2010
watercolor on paper
17 x 27 in. (43 x 68.5 cm)

In Richard Hanson's Street Series, he has blended a sense of reality with everyday societal issues. His work gravitates towards life on the street; a life consumed with texture and grit. It's an existence of homelessness, desperation, violence, frustration and isolation. He has created a moment in time, and it is his intent to generate a response in the viewer of perhaps a moment of loathing, fear, introspection or even empathy.

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Nothing Ever Dies - 2007
color print
11 x 14 in. (16 x 20 in. framed)
28 x 35.5 cm (40.5 x 51 cm)

Hidden in the shadows of the waking world, abandoned buildings offer mute testimonial to our country's past. Matthew Murray has entered abandoned structures since he was a child, fascinated by the fragments of people's lives left behind. Four years ago, Murray began a project to preserve such memories and thereby give voice to the voiceless. Through photography he endeavored to preserve the ethereal grace and stillness that saturates such environments and to give a sense of the awe-inspiring beauty and profound sorrow that remains after life has ceased and only echoes remain.

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Forefathers II - 2009-2010
mixed media on wood
10.5 x 19.5 in. (26.5 x 49.5 cm)

Multiple and disparate images, graphics, scribbled lists and notations all vie with one another on the pages of Thurman's handmade notebooks: the gritty, the profane, the refined, the referential, all subjects are reduced to equal status on these worn-thin working pages. They are modern diptych-miniatures (mixed media on wood), and with their movable pages and changing compositions, are able to combine with elements of many styles (trompe l'oeil, fuguration, expressionism, minimalism, constructivism, to name a few...) in defining the artist's personal narrative.

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Every Two Hours - 2010
acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 in. (101.5 x 76 cm)

From the artist's statement: "A blank canvas always invites my curiosity to discover a new world that I can arrange and make my own. I tend to sense the world aesthetically and then my work proceeds by an unconscious selection of constantly changing forms and experience. I have come to simplicity in painting that celebrates my love for lines and includes over painting as a way of discovering new. My work with acrylics currently favors layered brushstrokes, often in subtle contrasts of whites".

Scribble Room - 2004
ink on paper
12 x 9 in. (30.5 x 23 cm)

From the artist statement: "Since the beginning I have always explored the world of "make believe" and in so doing I have been led away from the real world to enter doors to the unknown where the "non object" would entice, inform and grow. After this 40+ year search... it is now clear... my visual finds could only have been born in an era of hope and tolerance which is here to be shared".

Untitled - 2010
mds board and acrylic paint
23 x 24 in. (58 x 61 cm)

Intersecting angles of acrylic coated canvas reveal illusionary and temporal spaces. Each seemingly layered painting hints at dimensions hovering outside our visible, tangible realm. Saturated fields of opaque red, blue and black are cunningly contrasted with translucent washes of white and shadowed grey. The result - abstractions with an unexpected depth of shadow, transparency and reflection.

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