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Recent Excavations from the Villa Bitricci
A Wall of Icons, 500 years of personal histories #8
- 2009
concrete, flotage, paint and mixed media
28 x 37 x 10 in. (71 x 94 x 25.4 cm)

David Giese has developed the mythical "Villa Bitricci", work in massive concrete laminated and mold-formed depictions of the "ruins" excavated from the villa. These "ruins" combine various period architectural detailing in humorous ways to represent the "rise and fall of taste" in design history.

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Untitled (Star) - 2008
steel, rubber tire tubes, compressed air
82.75  x  86 x 8 in. (210 x 218 x 20 cm)

The Australian artist David Jensz uses common materials in profound ways to make this exhibition of large abstract sculptures. Using various combinations of steel, timber, corrugated iron, woven pipe and rubber tire tubes, structural relationships are created that validate an idiosyncratic view of the world. Some of the sculptures imagine the universe from outside space itself, while other works contain structural patterns that reference the microscopic world.

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Center Pain - 2010
oil on canvas
46 x 34 in. (117 x 86 cm)

Goings current show is a continuation of his depiction of roadside and business signs. He approaches the subject differently than before by creating more angles and greater depth, and creates a juxtaposition between light and dark, reflected sunlight and shadow.

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Mining Drill, Arizona - 2007
Ilfochrome print
16 x 20 in. (40.6 x 51 cm)
26 x 30 in. framed (66 x 76 cm framed

There is an aesthetic inherent in industrial and utilitarian architecture which Myma reveals with his view camera. Functional objects are devoid of cultural posturing because they were designed for use and not display. And yet they have an inner monumentality which reflects the ebb and flow of the American spirit better than anything more formally commissioned. Myma's role is to look for this spirit outside the orbit of hyperbole, where it is often hidden in plain sight.

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Marginal Series #1 - 2010
mixed media on birch panel
15 x 15 in. (38 x 38 cm)

This series of mixed media on wood panels is called The Marginal Utility of Happiness. Each work is a self-contained yet lively world in which every line and shape has its own character and spirit. The tension between simple elements in precarious balance creates a thoughtful sense of movement.

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Don Pedro's - 2010
acrylic on panel
6 x 6 in. (15 x 15 cm)

Each of the hyperrealistic acrylic paintings included in this show measure only 6 x 6 inches, giving the viewer a more personal experience and inviting a closer, more discreet interaction with the work of art. The paintings mostly depict places in and around the artist's hometown of Marble Falls, Texas during dawn and dusk hours of the day.

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