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Untitled (#25)
oil and encaustic on panel
72 x 72 in (183 x 183 cm)

Bill Fisher's paintings on wood panel are created by adding and subtracting many layers of pattern, drawing and color. This painting process affords him the opportunity to respond to various combinations of line, shape and form on a very intuitive level with the intention of expressing in abstract terms, the physical, psychological and spiritual nature of the human condition.

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The Law of the Jungle - 2010
oil on canvas
46 x 66 in. (117 x 168 cm.)

Leonard Koscianski's magical realism invites the viewer to glimpse a world otherwise unseen; A shadowy, overgrown wood in which two primal, savage forces engage in an eternal duel for supremacy. Painted with utter mastery of color, form and composition these works compel us even as they unsettle.

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Monster Truck - 2007
found object construction
6.5 x 4 x 3 in. (16.5 x 10 x 7.6 cm.)

Rusty roller skates, weathered shoe forms, battered eggbeaters, and other imaginative means of locomotion are joined together by hand to form entirely new entities. Both engaging and thought provoking these found object constructions with their rich visual histories evoke the past while outrageously rolling toward the future.

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Flag-Tent - 1976
13 x 19 in. (33 x 48 cm.)

As theme and variation on the flag, as a cultural quilt, a family portrait, and a satire / celebration of the American craze for painting the colors of the flag all over the landscape, these documentary photographs, mainly from the Bicentennial, delight in color as social commentary and the pleasure of seeing clearly and boldly. Resonant with political meaning, the imagery has been published widely and animated in film as well.

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Polka 3 - 2008-09
oil and pen on Polaroid
4.25 x 3.5 in. (image) 12 x 15 in. (framed)
11 x 9 cm. (image) 30.5 x 38 cm. (framed)

Burleigh Kronquist's latest work, a series of paintings titled Polka Obscura, further develops and extends his interest in painting on existing images or objects. Small, meditative abstractions draw the viewer in, creating a quiet, contemplative space. The polaroids are partially photographs of polka dots, on which Kronquist has laid down layers of paint to suggest veils, clouds, or fog - through which the distant dance appears and disappears.

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