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Untitled (Gulf of Alaska) - 2008
oil on paper on board
 37 x 42 in.  (94 x 106.6 cm)

"These paintings are a synthesized collage of mistakes. That is, there was never a master plan and if there was it was not taken seriously...these paintings are simply a record, and perhaps even a synthesis, of billions of infinite small moments; moments of clarity and of confusion; moments of hoping for something and moments of fearing everything; moments of abandon and moments of control -- but all moments identical in dimension to the moment in which you now stand, your shoes pushed down hard against the floor."  - Robert Van Vranken

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Promised Land - 2009
oil painting
176 x 111 in. (447 x 282 cm

Dennis Jones is a painter, architect and educator and that architectural training is immediately apparent as the paintings are read from across the room with a bold clarity and immediacy. Upon closer inspection, the viewer becomes aware that there is much more here than what simply meets the eye. Jones pulls the viewer into a multi-layered discourse with his work, which examine how paintings operate in the interchangeable region between thinking (language) and image (object).

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Primavera #4 - 2009
mixed media
38 x 50 in. (96.5 x 127 cm

These large, oil, pastel and wax drawings are poetic distillations of the artists’ interpretation of water. The influences for the drawings are the scenes of the inlets, bays and ocean bordering Mushaboom, Nova Scotia.

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Seattle Snow - 2008
watercolor on paper
14.5 x 22 in (37 x 56 cm)

“It has always amazed me how many contemporary American painters remain so impervious to their own landscape.”
Jonathan Janson

In these recent paintings, the artist been drawn to the simple, low lines of suburban dwellings, many with an unmanned car parked on a cement driveway.  The discreet suburban panorama evokes a dreamy, but disturbing beauty where bright color seems superfluous

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Charles Darwin - 2007
polychromed beads
aprox 5 x 3  in. (12.7 x  x 7.6 cm)

Jean-Pierre Seguin creates a portrait using thousands of polychromed beads to produce or obtain, on the same surface, a figurative and abstract version of his subject. He achieves a concrete and realistic result from an abstract context and thereby derives a conceptual work.

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Yellow Mist - 2009
oil on canvas panel
10 x 8 in. (25 x 20 cm)

These paintings concern the notion of an animal which is traveling to an unidentified world. The soft light and the atmosphere (water, fog, tonalities) contribute to the mystery of the environment transforming what would otherwise be mundane, recognizable animals into new creatures. The artist is concerned with light and the way it circulates through each painting. In these new works, composed of pigment and engraved steel, light itself becomes an intrinsic part of the medium.

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