Artist Profiles

Weather Report - 2008   
oil on canvas
48 x 72 inches (122 x 183 cm

Mark Aronson - Aronson layers coats of oil paint with powdered additives in his large-scale contemplative abstract paintings, and then repeatedly removes and replaces layers of paint, producing luminous planes of color.

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Untitled (Knot of Blue) - 2007-08
steel, mesh, rope, encaustic
79.25 h x 10.25 dia. inches  (201 x 26 cm

Robert Rohm - These life-size, totemic sculptures are the result of the artist’s attempts to make manifest his thoughts and visions generated by his ongoing process of learning to quiet the mind. The vertically oriented sculptures are made of steel, mesh, and encaustic and evoke a quiet, meditative response.

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Horses in a Fire - 2007
casein on plaster and canvas on wood
7 x 9.5 inches  (18 x 24 cm)

Peter Saari - Peter Saari’s recent casein paintings on plaster resemble broken and faded fresco fragments.  The images are inspired by his visits to museums and excavation sites around the Bay of Naples. Representation of columns and paneled walls with projecting mouldings appear as well as images of mythical figures and animals.

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Erie County Fair; Hamburg, NY -
chromogenic print  
20 x 24 inches  (51 x 61 cm)

Fred Scruton - Photographing country fairs in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Arizona, Fred Scruton has captured the contemporary carnival atmosphere of thrill rides, sideshows. and colored lights against the dusk sky.  The pictures celebrate the still vibrant 'real world' antecedent to the virtual realities of cyberspace and video games, and represent freeze-frames from summer adventures into these fantastical constructs of steel and canvas.

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Timothy (from the Limbs series) -
tree branch, leather, artificial sinew
23h x 10.5 w x 18.5 d inches  (58.5 x 26.5 x 47 cm)

Tracy Linder - In the Limbs series, the artist utilizes cast off branches from still living trees. Each limb is then tightly encased in a carefully hand stitched leather skin. These wall relief sculptures portray the tree limbs forms shaped by their environment and thus become a portrait of time and circumstance.

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