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Charlotte Valley Swamp - 2008
24 x 34 inches (61 x 86 cm)

James Van Patten’s newest series of, what he describes as “throwaway scenes,” focuses on often-overlooked images of nature.  “When I have found the right image, I use the intermediate eye of the camera to see nuances that I have missed.  The anomalies of the camera lens also provide additional information that exists only in a photograph.”  This is the artist’s 4th one-person show at the gallery.

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Pinecone - 2006
9 feet 10 inches length (300 cm length)

Sculptor Cesmir Suska has been fascinated by the concept of space throughout his career.  In his recent body of work, Suska explores both the infinite space of the universe and the hidden space within our own bodies.  Tablecloth, illustrated on the left, was a large metal utility container the artist engraved, pierced and cut into, creating the patterned tablecloth effect.  Maintaining the general shape of the container, the cut-outs are re-arranged and installed alongside the larger object.

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Brooklyn Rooftop - 2005
mixed media
8.75 x 14.5 x 13.5 inches (22 x 37 x 34 cm)

Alan Wolfson has been creating miniature environments since the mid-70s.  He describes his work as an exploration of the relationship between city dwellers and their surroundings.  In the artist’s words: “Images of people are never present in my work, instead I create narrative scenarios through the use of scratch-built objects…The things people leave behind—trash, graffiti, discarded food, a tip left at the counter—are all signs of the drama played out just beyond the conscious perception of the audience.”

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Thaw - 2008
30 x 41 inches (76 x 105 cm)

Stanislaw Zoladz is primarily concerned with documenting his immediate reaction to the scene in front of him; the landscape of Sweden. Zoladz sketches, paints and photographs on site, finishing each work in a larger scale in his studio. The artist’s subjects include isolated farm scenes in winter and rocky river beds in summer.  OK Harris is pleased to present this new series of precisionist watercolors in Zoladz’s first one-person exhibition in New York.

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mg shapiro
untitled (proliferations #1) 2007
colored adhesive bandages on glass
4 x 6 inches  (10 x 15 cm)

mg shapiro uses items or processes that the artist finds at home or at work.  In the artist’s own words: “In the case of the adhesive bandage, my art locates and embodies an inherent contradiction—the formal beauty of a common household object intended to both hide and heal painful body wounds.  Meanings expand over time as the bandages themselves evolve beyond my control and aesthetic efforts. The materials discomfiting suggestion of underlying damage reasserts itself in discolorations, signs of aging and hints of disintegration.”

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