Artist Profiles

Prayer Rug With Green Diamonds - 2007
acrylic on linen
52 x 42 inches (132 x 107 cm)

Tom Stocker - The artist's admiration for "oriental" motifs is inspiration for these carefully detailed paintings. Stocker approaches each project much like a rug-maker would: starting with an under-painting of "warp and weft", laying a grid and steadily building up "knots" of color. The result is these astonishing paintings. This is Tom Stocker's first one-person show at the gallery.

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Fire - 2006
acrylic and mixed media on linen
72.75 x 48.9 inches (184.8 x 124.2 cm)

Keung Szeto - This new series of Hyperrealist paintings continues the artist's meditations on memory and desire inspired by an unrequited romance. This is Keung Szeto's tenth one-person show at OK Harris.

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Letter to Constable - 2004
oil on canvas
48 x 60 inches (122 x 152.4 cm)

Richard Mclean - The I-5 Chronicles  Interstate 5 is the north-south highway stretching from Washington State through the length of California.  The landscape is a vast and bleak desert expanse: not particularly lush or picturesque. Oftentimes, while traversing this roadway, McLean will stop or take a side road off the beaten track; snap a few photographs; documenting the barren windswept scenery. In the artists words: My work is, among other things, about order, equilibrium, tranquility and innocence. It is also about the largely undervalued pleasure and spiritual instruction one takes from the sheer look of things. This is Richard McLean's eleventh one-person show at OK Harris. The first one was in 1971.

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Queens Boulevard - 2008
encaustic on canvas
20 x 30 inches (51 x 76 cm)

Pedro Cuni Bravo - OK Harris is pleased to present Pedro Cuni Bravo's canvases of New York City at night. Inspired by 70's cinema such as Killer's Kiss, Taxi Driver and The French Connection, the artist "submerges [himself] in the streets of New York City where a combination of weather, metal, night light, people, composes scenes of urban beauty." This is the artists third exhibition at OK Harris.

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The Discovery - 2008
mixed media construction
12 x 6 x 2.5 inches (30 x 15 x 6 cm)

Rick Araluce - Rick Araluce describes his miniature models of fragments of rooms, corridors and passageways as narratives where an event is imminent. Carefully selecting objects (most of which he makes himself) ripe with symbolism, the artist constructs these emotionally charged settings. This is Rick Araluce's third one-person show at the gallery.

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