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Chadwick Square Diner II - 2008
oil on canvas
30 x 48 inches (76 x 122 cm)

John Baeder - In this series of paintings, John Baeder continues his pictorial inquiry into the nature of The Diner. Partly examinations of vernacular architecture and partly compulsive explorations of a particularly American landscape phenomenon, these oil canvases and watercolors continue a three-decade long visual thesis on this endlessly fascinating subject. As the artist writes, “My vision was that diners were more than merely eating establishments, they appeared as temples from lost civilizations. I focused on those as visual phenomena.”

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American Past Time #5 - 2007
mixed media
12.5 inch dia (32 cm dia)

Marilynn Gelfman - Each American Past Times clock is about the passage of time told by the continuously variable spatial position of clock hands pointing to and passing over small familiar objects, a chorus of bits and pieces humming their histories to the tune of a cultural anthem.

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Cantamar 9/28/07 - 2007
stone on granite pedestal
69 x 37 x 22 inches (175 x 94 x 56 cm)

Woods Davy - LAS ROCAS - For the past twenty-five years, Woods Davy has worked with natural elements, usually incorporating various types of stone in fluid balancing acts that reflect the artist’s “Western Zen” sensibility.  The works comprising “Las Rocas” illuminate the poetry of nature.  As Holly Meyers observed in a previous exhibition, there is “something thrilling about a work that appears to defy its own natural properties,” while at the same time one can appreciate the work’s “meditative reverence.”.

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Wel-Food Store - 2007
acrylic on paper
5.5 x 8 inches (14 x 20 cm)

Neil MacCormick - Images of nondescript urban buildings and storefronts are the subjects of Neil Mac Cormick’s hyper-realistic paintings on paper.  The paintings explore the artists concern with issues of identity, alienation and the unconscious desire to define oneself through cultural reflection.

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Checker Cab - 2008
mixed media
16 x 20 x 12 inches (41 x 51 x 30 cm)

Tim Prythero - Tim Prythero creates miniature environments, rich and marvelous in their detail and decay. He meticulously recreates roadside businesses, gas stations, diners , trailer courts, all with the effects of time and abandonment taking their toll. The current body of work examines well–used vehicles... from Checker Cabs, ice-cream trucks, camp trailers to work-worn pickups. Prythero fools the eye into seeing the  patina of time. He creates the illusion of a lifetime of toil and a longing for a less troubled past.

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