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Recent Excavations from the Villa Bitrricci: I Santuari dei Compagni Fedeli  #18
concrete, flotage, paint, mixed media
28h x 28w x 10d inches (71 x 71 x 25.4 cm)

DAVID GIESE - Giese’s postmodernist works are massive concrete laminated and mold-formed depictions of ruins from the fictitious “Villa Bitricci” an imaginary site where the artifacts were supposedly found. These constructed “ruins” combine architectural detailing from various periods in unexpected ways to represent the “rise and fall of taste” in design history. Giese appropriates the grand tradition of classical art to reflect on its relevance for our time.

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Defining Synectics - 2007
mixed media on canvas
100 x 80 inches (254 x 203 cm)

EDWARD LENTSCH - A well established mid-career painter, Edward Lentsch works his widely mixed media into organically textured canvas, exhibiting unique surfaces that reflect a contemplative element of both alchemy and spiritual introspection. The spiritual overtones of Lentsch’s painting are captured by his titles, where the use of mystical imagery and esoteric subjects inspire the imagination of the viewer.

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October 9th - 2005
oil on canvas 
36 x 48 inches (91.4 x 122 cm)

RON WEIS - Weis is enraptured with oil paint. He uses it in these intimate, compelling works in a wide range of subtly-varying applications from thick opaque layers to the thinnest of glazes. Its flexibility endows small and often overlooked objects with expressive possibility. With this series of paintings of leaves, he chooses to saturate the works with color and avoid the use of straight lines entirely.

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Tree Line Burnt Sienna - 2007
oil on canvas
15 x 30 inches (38 x 76 cm)

BART ELSBACH - Captivated by the patterns and marks in fields and tree-lines that seem to be a type of iconography, Bart Elsbach's richly detailed landscapes capture a moment in nature: light on the water, graceful tree forms reaching toward a vivid sky, a reflective patch of ice in a cornfield's fallow rows. This body of work explores the connection between two ways of looking at the landscape, one an abstracted viewpoint that examines the fundamentals of the forms, the other staying true to those same elements as we encounter them in nature.

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Mr. Bubbles - 2004
acrylic and wood
7.5 x 4 inches (19 x 10 cm)

TOM PFANNERSTILL - Thomas Pfannerstill meticulously re­creates common objects: wrappers, packages and cartons found on the street. The highly crafted, acrylic and/or enamel on wood, trompe l’oeil sculptures reflect careful observational study, and show how reality, time, chance and the natural elements have affected these objects. He includes all the dirt, creases, folds and rips that have transformed them into unique works of art, totally opposed to the usual idealized, glamorized, mechanically uniform images presented by advertisers. They are subtle reminders of the transitory nature of all things.

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