Artist Profiles

Flying Bats - 2007
oil on canvas
46 x 66 inches (117 x 167.6 cm)

Leonard Koscianski - The paintings of Leonard Koscianski capture a haunting and almost mystical aspect of the natural world. From primal depictions of animals fighting for survival to tranquil images of a night sky seen from the forest, his works all reflect a world that is utterly foreign to our everyday lives yet undeniably present in our minds, lurking somewhere below the surface.

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Cantileverd Plane - 2004
brushed aluminum and polyfiber
48h at end of cantilever, 14h boxed structure, x 164w x 26d inches
(122h at end of cantilever, 35.5h boxed structure, x 416.5w x 66d cm)

Susan Ferrari Rowley - Utilizing thin aluminum frames with sections covered in transparent polyfiber, the screen-like sculptures of Susan Ferrari Rowley gracefully create their own unique abstract environments. The luminescent sculptures bring to mind stationary sails and overturned light boxes.

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Veracity - 2007
oil and gold leaf on wood
28 x 40 inches (71 x 101.6 cm)

Robert Ginder - Painted on aged wood panels with gold leaf backgrounds, Robert Ginder makes us re-examine such mundane subjects as houses, fruit or postcard images in a more venerable and historical light.

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Floodgates, Washington 2003 - 2007
16 x 20 inch Ilfochrome prints, matted to 26 x 30 inches
(40.6 x 51 cm Ilfochrome prints, matted to 66 x 76 cm)

Peter Myma - Striving for purity of technique, Peter Myma's photographs display clarity in a medium becoming increasingly rare. Using an 8 x 10 view camera and printing on Ilfochrome paper, these color photographs revive the forgotten dignity of decaying industrialized forms.

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Big Hamburger - 2006
oil on canvas
28 x 39 inches (71 x 99 cm)

Tjalf Sparnaay - Strongly influenced by Vermeer and Rembrandt but also by Goings and Bell, Tjalf Sparnaay takes the subjects of his oils from everyday reality, using trivial and sometimes banal items. Time seems to stand still when the artist places the objects in a classic art environment, reminiscent of the 17th century Dutch tradition.

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