Artist Profiles

Jane's Beach - 2006
mixed media on aluminum
33 x 32 x 7 inches (84 x 81 x 18 cm)

Richard Taylor - Time is an essential element in these painted steel and aluminum wall sculptures. Their intent is to summon the broader emotional memories lingering from events and specific places in the artist's past. The metal sculptural bases lay in three-dimensional foundations for paint and mixed media; the application of and subsequent removal of materials then becomes the reconstruction of an important life experience. Music and poetry make themselves felt in these pieces, flowing into the sculptures from their daily, necessary presence in the artist's life.

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Tango Copper - 2005
marble and copper
12 x 8 x 8 inches (30 x 20 x 20 cm)

Avital Oz - Avital Oz's works are three dimensional visual statements: Sculptures evoking the feeling of humans in motion and alluding to dancers and dance. Materials primarily include, but are not limited to, stone, wood and metal.

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Club Chair - 2000
mixed media construction: wooden handles, bat, mullet, wood
18 x 5 x 5 inches (46 x 13 x 13 cm)

Janet Orselli - Battered and bruised crutches, animal traps, baby carriages, and the like are joined together by hand to form entirely new entities from seemingly disparate parts. These found object constructions with their rich visual histories evoke memory through strong association. The artist's intent is to focus attention on the poetic connections made between objects and their relationship within the installation space.

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Nova Remnant - 2006
mixed media
32 x 15 x 5 1/2 inches (81 x 38 x 14 cm)

Richard Hoschler - Richard Hoschler is an artist who creates three-dimensional mixed media assemblages involving a wide range of concepts and materials. Organic Machines is a fitting visual to describe the tactile, hewn quality of his work. The pieces have the appearance of unearthed artifacts or relics echoing an industrialized nature. The assemblages are created from all types of natural and man made media which span from wood, bark and seed casings to machine parts, metal and digital transparencies.

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An Afternoon Visit - 2006
mixed media on paper
15 x 22 inches (38 x 56 cm)

Gail Raab - Raabs works of collage/assemblage reflect her love of the past and fascination with the discarded and found objects of everyday life. These otherwise incompatible artifacts and souvenirs are juxtaposed with figurative and architectural images, creating tension in their seemingly random contrast, while attempting to create an overriding harmony in their composition. The collages become a recreated and intimate world of treasured images, making time stand still and giving society's discards a new context and continued life.

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