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Archaeology / Excavation - #1, 46 - 2003 - 04
encaustic lead on wooden panels
72 x 48 x 3 inch ( 182.88 x 121.92 x 7.62 cm) each panel

Pavel Kraus - Archaeology / Excavation 2003 - 2004
The "constructed" paintings in the "Archaeology / Excavation" series are crafted of tinted beeswax over wooden support. The qualities of the wax, applied in layers, convey a palpable physical presence. The works rely on a dual, contradictory essence; they allude to a ritualized context, but no particular myth. In the same way they refer to specific types of objects without being those objects.

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Installation view of the right wall of "Warehouse"
168 individual paintings on paper or masonite

Gregory Perkel - Twenty years in the making, this installation of 168 paintings entitled "Warehouse" is a visual repository of the artist's history. The four gallery walls are precisely arranged via an overall grid with the artist's painted visualizations recreated in artistic styles and subjects from the annals of art history.

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We Have Only This Momentum - 2006
acrylic on linen
30 x 50 inches (76.2 x 127 cm)

Stephanie Brody-Lederman - These paintings are layered with intensely worked-over (sometimes peeling) applications of paint revealing the passage of time and the subsequent resulting changes. The combination of seemingly disparate words and images serve to make paintings that pay homage to the associative way the head and the heart ponder personal experiences. The artist's intent is to show the poetry inherent in the ordinary.

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Salt, Chicago, '04, from Modern Consumption - 2004
archival digital print
16 x 26 inches (40.64 x 66.04 cm)

Dave Seccombe - David Seccombe's "Modern Consumption" series includes vivid portraits of the materials and objects comprising the modern American commercial landscape in all its variety, texture and color. The photographs were captured with an old Nikon camera and printed digitally.

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The Minutes, the Hours, the Days - 2006
mixed media construction
4 x 4 x 2.5 inches (10.16 x 10.16 x 6.35 cm)

Rick Araluce - Deserted places, empty rooms, ill lit chambers, claustrophobic crawl-spaces, environments stained by memory, some tense with strangeness, others burdened with loss: all these mysterious spaces are portrayed in these constructions. The components within these works are handmade including the boxes that house the tiny creations; the doors, windows, bricks, mouldings, the tables, the flooring, all utilize wood, plastic, paper, natural materials and whatever the artist deems necessary to complete the illusion.

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