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La Stagione #10 - 2005
mixed media
20 x 20 inches (50.8 x 50.8)

Tino Zago - The new paintings of Tino Zago continue his poetic odes to Nova Scotia. They are a personal reinvention of a world of water, rocks and fog. The nocturnal images of light coming out of darkness, the warmth of sunshine washing over the sea are abstractions of memories from a special place. The paintings are done horizontally in an expressionistic mode. The layering of paint at times obliterates all the layers below, with only the edges of the canvas exposing the layering.


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Blue Stand - 2006
oil, crayon and plaster on masonite panel
53 x 48 inches (134.62 x 121.92 cm)

Stephen Clark - Stephen Clark's oil paintings on panel represent inquiries into the basic mechanics of force and distance. Each explores physical devices such as the wheel, lever and wedge to create portraits of work. The juxtaposition of vibrant color in this series adds to the play between those elements. Clark's paintings evoke the relationships that exist between the mechanical and creative world.


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Mets' Cedeno Sliding, Alfonso on Deck - 2004
acrylic on mdo (1/2" plywood)
36.75 x 54.25 inches (93.35 x 137.8 cm)

Lance Richbourg - Richbourg's high action baseball paintings feature figures sliding in, fly balls caught in the outfield and batters hitting that homer. These acrylics on wood panel and mixed media watercolor paintings capture the heat and excitement of those frozen moments past and present that make up the history of America's favorite pastime.


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color photograph
20 x 30 inches (50.8 x 76.2cm)

Steven Siegel - For many years, Steven Siegel has been photographing "The New York Street" and the astounding variety of people who populate them. "The New York Street" it has been often said, is the place of extremes. It is a metaphor for human diversity, tolerance and the First Amendment; just as surely, it is a metaphor for fear, alienation and despair. For the photographer, the choice of metaphor is often a matter of waiting a few seconds. The metaphors may be presented side-by-side; a composition for which the New York street is particularly well suited.


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Still Life With Opened Door - 2001
colored pencil and ink wash on canvas
14 x 20 inches (35.56 x 50.8 cm)

Robert Kogge - These works are a fusion of painting and drawing that elects the weave of the canvas as an impersonal and unifying mark throughout each work. This aspect of the images results in an even distillation of positive and negative space that heightens an implied symbolism. Kogge's subjects are the content of the kitchen utility drawer, the kitchen counter and garage shelf. Painted in muted color and drawn with soft edges, these works contain timeless environments.

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