Artist Profiles

Glaukos - 1996
oil on canvas
50 x 46 inches (127 x 116.84 cm)

Rowell Bowles - Standing against the currents of passing fashion and now approaching his 90th birthday, Rowell Bowles continues to create fresh paintings of adverse power. These mature works mark a radical departure from his early abstract expressionist paintings. His chosen medium is oil on canvas, with a rigerous palette.

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Eagle - Two Men - 1931
digital C prints
21 x 26.5 inches (53.34 x 67.31 cm)

David Stravitz - Until now, The Chrysler Building has been one of the least documented and studied. These exquisite photos discovered by David Stravitz capture the constuction of the world's greatest skyscraper and the day to day life taking place on the streets of midtown New York in the 20's and 30's. Completed in 1930, the 77 stories Art Deco building was the tallest in the world at the time. Its cloud-piercing spire and gleaming steel-clad ornaments depicting gargoyles, hubcaps and the winged helmets of Mercury came to represent the thrill of the Machine Age at its most exuberant. When it was finished, it quickly became the symbol of big city glamour, excitement and style.

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Brick Wall, Second Street at Lark Street - 1995
color photograph ed 3/3
10 x 13 inches (25.4 x 33.02 cm)

David Brickman - David Brickman's "Neighborhood" is an ongoing series of photographs that explores the rough, colorful section of Albany in which Brickman has lived and worked since 1986. Brickman has created a compelling, personally expressive body of work that walks the tightrope between art and documentary. None of the images are set up or manipulated in any way, giving them the veracity of traditional historical photography - yet the painterly and lyrical aspects of Brickman's vision places the pictures firmly in the realm of art.

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Twilight Patterns I - 2006
acrylic on aluminum
36 x 48 inches ( 91.44 x 121.92 cm)

David Kessler - Painting highly realized water landscapes on aluminum which he has abraded with various wire brushes, David Kessler creates an image that is produced partially by paint and partially by refracted light. The resulting surface has a slightly holographic effect, giving the appearance of movement in the water surface as the painting is viewed from different angles. These works are painted from intimate close-in images of calm or rippled water surfaces and range from the immediately recognizable to the fairly abstract.

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Super Target - 2005
inkjet print ed 1/10
12.5 x 194 inches (31.75 x492.8 cm)

John Lucas - In a series of ultra-large format prints, photographer John Lucas explores the lonely, sprawling back lots of the mega stores that crowd feeder roads from coast to coast, forming the final link in our nation's wholesale distribution network. A restricted palette of industrial colors and shapes informs a Zen-like simplicity that underscores the emptiness at the heart of America.

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