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Shimmer Abstraction - 2005
acrylic on aluminum
48 x 72 inches (121.92 x 182.88 cm)

David Kessler - Painting highly realized water landscapes on aluminum which he has abraded with various wire brushes, David Kessler creates an image that is produced partially by paint and partially by refracted light. The resulting surface has a slightly holographic effect, giving the appearance of movement in the water surface as the painting is viewed from different angles. These large scale works are painted from intimate close-in images of calm or rippled water surfaces and range from the immediately recognizable to the fairly abstract.

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Mermaid 5 - 2005
50 x 74 inches (142.2 x 188 cm)

Keith Long - These constructed wall-relief sculptures combine natural and man-made forms into symmetrical abstract compositions. The pieces, often constructed from the discards of contemporary culture are incorporated into the construct in order to be perceived in a formistic way yet retaining the recognizable original character as well. The works have a totemic, icon-like presence and are sometimes humorous and often brooding.

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Baseball Time #1 - 2005
mixed media
10 inches (25.4cm) diameter)

Marilynn Gelfman - American Past Times
The works in American Past Times are about our national pastime, American past times and the passing of time. Each sculpture is comprised of myriad small and familiar objects that have individual pulses and may incite frissons of memory. Each work is a chorus of bits and pieces humming their histories to the tune of a cultural anthem.

Marilynn Gelfman Karp's new book, In Flagrante Collecto (caught in the act of collecting) published by Harry Abrams is now available through A description of the book and a link to Amazon can be reached via

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Family Drive-in (Stephens City Va) - circa 1990
chromogenic print
16 x 20 inches (40.64 x 50.8 cm)
ed of 10

Joan Liftin - Primarily a black and white photographer, Joan Liftin turned to color to capture the feel and look of today's drive-ins and their audience. In her book, "Drive-Ins" (Trolly Press, 2004), Hunter Thompson writes "It was the way to live and I believe it always would be". These photos show why drive-ins are so deeply a part of America's cultural landscape.

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Howdy Goes Hollywood - 2005
oil on canvas
24 x 35 inches (61 x 89 cm)

Robert G. Stickloon - These oil paintings, some on paper, others on canvas, elaborate upon the concept of little girls' books of cut-outs. Forever the "clothes horse", and in the spirit of paint-what -you -love, this body of work is a natural extension of the artists interests. Yet on another level, aside from the sensual attraction to the array of textures, colors and patterns, there's also a zeitgeist, a social satire, or political statement expressed by the figures, clothes and trappings.

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