Artist Profiles

Untitled (Ag5) - 2005
acrylic and laminated canvas on canvas
32.25 x 33.25 inches (81.91 x 84.46 cm)

Byoung Ok Min - Ms. Min creates square acrylic abstract paintings with a irregular folded piece of canvas attached to the surfaces. The attached shape adds a textural dimension underneath the heavily poured and painted surface, covered with abstract shapes and ghost-like forms.

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Raked Earth (olive) - 1996
oil on canvas
54 x 78 inches (137.16 x 198.12 cm)

Mary Neumuth Mito - These intimate paintings and drawings of nature, highly detailed and precise in technique, explore various seasonal conditions of the earth. Meticulously painted close-ups, the subjects include patches of grass divided by shadows, furrowed fields, sections of rock formations or snow under bright sunlight. The scenes are recognizable aspects of our reality yet abstracted into minimal statements of neutral tonalities.

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Eridanus - 2004
metal, plastic, electronic parts
10 x 12 x 10 inches (25.4 x 30.48 x 25.4 cm)

James Seawright - These twelve electronic sculptures made from steel wire, metal and plastic forms and electronic elements are based on various constellations both in and out of the Zodiac. Not intended to be astrological references, the sculptures are meditations on the historical and cultural significance of the constellations as three-dimensional subjects.

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Neberezhnaya Kutuzova, St Petersburg Russia - 2003
color photograph
22 x 16 inches (55.88 x 40.64 cm)

Duda - "Modified Perception: St. Petersburg, Russia" is the title of this exhibition of color photographs of the back alleys and inner courtyards of St. Petersburg in winter. Viewed as aesthetic compositions, the patterns and light depicted lead the viewer through the implied dimensional space. The photographs are about the equality of space regardless of subject: grand images of the commonplace.

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Nebulae (series #12) - 2005
mixed media on paper mounted on canvas
12 x 12 inches (30.48 x 30.48 cm)

Kwan Chang - These small, abstract paintings entitled Nebulae involve a process of "drawing" with linear and textural materials.

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