Artist Profiles

Ruined Building on South Canal, Chicago - 2005
oil on canvas
21.5 x 37.5 inches (54.61 x 95.25 cm)

Randy Dudley - These panoramic realist paintings of the American industrial landscape portray a once vigorous environment now often abandoned as industry has moved or been discontinued. A fascinating juxtaposition of the natural and the purely utilitarian, these scenes are miracles of gritty melancholy and when reflected through their history and isolation they become unique and filled with visual vitality.

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White and Yellow Bands - 2004
mixed media on panel
24 x 48 inches (60.96 x 121.92 cm)

Timothy McClellan - McClellan’s 's paintings are intended to be objects of reflection and contemplation. The current work consists primarily of bands of color layered onto wood panels. These paintings are an attempt to explore complex compositions and the interplay of surface, texture, color, and defined space. The intricately worked and layered fields of color require a process of examination akin to their creation.

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Two Withered Trees In Landscape - 2003
casein on paper
35 x 24 inches (88.9 x 60.96 cm)

Peter Saari - In his recent work Saari emerges as a mature master, guided more by alchemy than illusion. Manipulating printed images from pre-industrial Europe, fragments are extracted from book engravings. Zooming in on these mechanically reproduced images breaks them down in organic rhythms. In these new works, randomness is the illusion and Sari’s process is similar to that of a medieval scribe. Though made by hand at a high level of craftsmanship, the works appear to be the result of that ancient mechanical process thereby reflecting the face of time.

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Billy's Eye View - 2001
photomontage, ed. 4/25
21 x 13.5 inches (53.34 x 34.29 cm)

Tom Chambers - Ex votos are Mexican folk art paintings often created on tin, copper or wood. They illustrate an occasion when in response to a prayer for help or guidance, the prayer was answered or a miracle occurred. Ex voto subjects range from common daily occurrences to truly dramatic events. Through digital photography, Tom Chambers has taken a different approach to the ex voto art form. His work is not used to document, but to illustrate photographically the fleeting moods and imaginary moments that can't be captured by a traditional camera or seen by the naked eye.

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Thesis - 2005
acrylic, dry pigment and gel on paperboard
11 x 8.75 inches (27.94 x 22.23 cm)

Anthony Sorce - Art making is a study in possibilities for Anthony Sorce. The eleven works being shown in this exhibition are non-referential paintings on paper and paperboard. The paintings have rich and layered surfaces with a strong presence of light, offering the viewer works embedded with emotion, passion and artistic precision. The works involve drawing into wet paint and painted geometry.

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