Current Exhibition
JUNE 1 - JULY 20, 2002

Hiroyuki Hamada
Darryl Delvecchio
Cora Roth


This group exhibition is of five artists who had their one-person exhibitions last September and October. In the first gallery are Cora Roth’s impasto-textured abstract paintings; Darryl Delvecchio’s thin, vertical black and white sculpture and Hiroyuki Hamada’s minimal, mono-toned wall reliefs. In the small gallery, Maryellen Sinclair’s sewn and embroidered coffee cups and food containers keep company with Beverly Shipko’s thickly textured realistic paintings of half-eaten oreos, ice cream bars and cakes.

Andrew Piedilato
Curt Barnes
Bill Fisher


Curt Barnes, reliefs; Bill Fisher, paintings; Un Ju Lee, constructions; Gregory Perkel, constructions; Thomas Pfannerstill, reliefs; Andrew Piedilato, paintings; Robert Rohm, sculpture. All of the work exhibited in the large gallery and hallway is concerned with texture. The surface has either been violently built up as in Andrew Piedilato’s paintings or reduced to a thin, smooth surface as in Curt Barnes’ wall reliefs.

Gail Raab
Suzanne Ulrich
Warren Owens


The works in this exhibition are linked by fragmentation. Works with varied fragments of like material are exhibited here with works whose component parts only relate to each other by virtue of juxtaposition. All the pieces in the exhibit unify and attain wholeness by the fact of their differing parts. Gail Raab’s collages use old photographs and flea-market found objects to create miniature worlds. Warren Owens uses the most simple of materials: found cardboard, Moses Hoskins collages are of found papers as are Suzanne Ulrich who refines her geometric composition with additions of painted paper fragments.


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