Michael Shemchuk


2009    Howard/Skinner Gallery  Sacramento CA (solo show)  
2009    Sopa Fine Art  BC Canada (group show)
2009    Art Studio 101 Scottsdale AZ (consultants)
2008    Bryant Street Gallery  Palo Alto CA (solo show) 
2008    Ruth Morpeth  Gallery Hopewell NJ
2008    Gary Gibson  Los Angeles CA  
2008    Cecile Moochnek Gallery  Berkeley CA  (group show)
2008    Hang Gallery  San Francisco CA (anniversery show) 
2008    Editions  Limited Emeryville CA
2007    OK Harris Gallery NYC  (solo show)   
2007    Linda Durnell Gallery Los  Gatos CA(group show)
2007    Bryant Street Gallery  Palo Alto CA
2007    Soho Myriad Art Consultants  Atlanta GA
2006    Cecile Moochnek Gallery Berkeley CA(group show)  
2006    Gallery Moda   Santa Fe NM
2005    Modern Masters Gallery Palm Desert CA  
2005    Betty Wasserman Art  Consultant NYC
2005    OK Harris Gallery NYC  (group show)   
2005    Artscape Gallery Walnut Creek  CA  (group show)
2005    Linda Durnell Gallery Los Gatos CA   
2005    Cecile Moochnek Gallery  Berkeley CA  (group show)
2004    Augen Gallery Portland OR  (solo show)
2004    Ted Boerner Inc.  design showroom NYC
2003    Cecile Moochnek Gallery Berkeley CA   
2003    Britta Campbell  Art  Consultant Oakland CA
2003    Tercera Gallery Palo Alto CA
2002    Hang Gallery San Francisco CA (solo show)  
2002    Ceile Moochnek  Gallery Berkeley CA (solo show)
2001    Cecile Moochnek Gallery  (group show)    
2001    DeSousa Hughes San  Francisco CA  (winter market show)
2000    Cecile Moochnek Gallery Berkeley CA ( group show)   
2000    Hang Gallery  San Francisco CA (solo show)        
1999    Cecile Moochnek Gallery Berkeley CA  (group show)   
1999    Hang Gallery  San Francisco CA  (group show)
1998    DeSousa Hughes Design showroom San Francisco CA   
1998    Hang Gallery  San Francisco CA       
1982 - 1997    1982 Participated in various juried and alternative gallery exhibitions

Selected Collections:    
ebay inc. ~ Rockwood Design ~ Endymion Systems ~  Wells Fargo ~ Neurert Design ~ Adobe Systems ~ Werner Design Group ~ Half Moon Bay  Country Club ~ Hawkins Design Group ~ Borardus Group ~ Pacific Design Group ~ Health Management Solutions ~ Seveno Real  Estate Group ~ Accenture ~ Symmetricom ~ Camino Medical ~ Aishti  ~ Cisco Systems

Selected Commissions:

2007    Camino Medical - Wall Panel - Mountain View, CA
2006    Health Management Solutions - Wall panels (triptych) - Orinda,CA
2004    eBay Inc. - Wall panels (triptych) - San Jose, CA
2000    Craford Consulting - Wall mural (corporate office) - San Rafael, CA
2000    Accenture - Wall mural (corporate office) - San Ramon, CA
2000    Metro Cafe - Wall panels (site specific) - San Francisco Int’lAirport


1996    Art of California Magazine     Silver Award
1996    Sunset Magazine California  Des

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