Masao Gozu (郷津雅男)

2013. Sept 21-Oct 26      O.K Harris Works of Arts, New York, NY (sculpture- Five out of Seven windows with Moss and Voice of Cicadas)
2013. May 31-June 29     PAST RAYS Photography. Yokohama, Japan (photograph-Harry’s Bar & Windows)
2012 .March 9-April 7      KOKI ARTS, Tokyo, Japan (photograph- Window
2009, March 21-April 18   O.K. Harris Works of Arts, New York, NY ( sculpture )
2005, January            O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York, NY ( sculpture )
2004, September      UNISON Gallery, New Paltz, NY (photographs)
1999, January            O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York, NY (sculpture)
1996, January            O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York, NY (sculpture)
1994, June                  Installation of Window escapes, In Grand Central Terminal
                        Sponsored by Metropolitan Transportation Authority,(Photographs)
1994, February          David Clain Gallery, Burlington, MI (sculpture and photographs)
1993, September      O.K. Harris Works of Arts, New York, NY (sculpture and photographs)
1992, July                   Central Museum, Tokyo, Japan (sculpture)
1991, November        K.S.P Gallery, Kawasaki, Japan (sculpture and photographs)
1991, October            Shinjuku Mitsukoshi-Minamikan, Tokyo, Japan (sculpture and photographs)
1991, October            il tempo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (photographs)
1991, October            Zeit foto salon, Tokyo, Japan (photographs)
1991, February          O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York, NY (sculpture and photographs)
1990, October            Galerie Pons, Paris, France (photographs)
1989, April                  Nikon Salon Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (photographs)
1988, September      O.K. Harris Works of Arts, New York, NY (sculpture and photographs)
1985, December       Nikon Salon Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (photographs) (10th Ina Nobuo Prize Exhibition)
1984, December       Nikon Salon Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (photographs)
1983, December       O.K. Harris Works of Arts, New York, NY (photographs)
1980, November       Nikon Salon Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (photographs)
1980, March               O.K. Harris Works of Arts, New York, NY (photographs)

2004-2012                             Annual Invitational outdoor sculpture garden exhibition. Unison Arts Center, New Paltz, New York
2009, June 6-July 26           Site Specifics ’09 at the Carriage House, Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY
2007,Oct. 20-Nov,25            Shanghai Art Museum – Japan caught by camera (works from the photographic Art in Japan ) Zeit foto salon , Japan
2007, June                            9th Annual Invitational Outdoor Garden Exhibition, UNISON Arts Center, New Paltz, NY            
2006, June                            8th Annual Invitational Outdoor Garden Exhibition. UNISON Art Center, New Paltz, NY
2005, June                            7th Annual Invitational Outdoor Garden Exhibition, UNISON Art Center, New Paltz, NY  
2004, June                            6th Annual Invitational Outdoor Garden Exhibition, UNISON Arts Center, New Paltz,NY
2004, June                            il tempo Gallery,Tokyo,Japan ( Photograph – two watcher)
1998, July                              Lower East Side Ecology Center, New York, NY ( view from inside )
1998, May                              Henry Street Settlement Abron Arts Center (IN-SITES IV), New York, NY
1995, January                       STREERS SEEN (The Edific Complex), works from O.K. Harris, N.Y., Norton Center for the Arts Center College, Danville, KY
1994, March                           International contemporary Art fair-NICAF. Yokohama, Japan
1993, September                 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photographs, Tokyo, Japan
                                                 (Border/Borderless, Japanese Contemporary Photography)
1992, March                          International Contemporary Art Fair, Yokohama, Japan
1991, April                             Zelt foto salon, (14 Japanese Artist) at Mitsukoshi-Nihonbashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1989, March                          Dross to Art, Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY
1984, July                              The Asian Art Show, Bronx River Restoration Art Center, Bronx, NY
1984, June                             What are you waiting for? Exhibition of Artists books, Contemporary Art and ResourceCenter, Seattle, WA
1982, March                           13 American Photographers, Galerie Texbran, Paris, France
1981, March                           The Housing Show, Theater for the new City, New York, NY

1991, December                  Le prix special du jury, Mois de la photo a Paris, France
1985, December                  The 10th of Nobuo Ina Prize, Japan

The Virlane Foundation Collection
Blsoh, Co., Collection, Nagasaki, Japan
Famile Nakano-sakaue ( court yard ), Tokyo, Japan

New York City Museum, New York, NY
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of photography, Tokyo, Japan
The Virlane Foundation
Fine Art Gallery, Southampton College, New York
Blsoh Co., Collection, Nagasaki, Japan
Center Ponpidou Muse’e national d’at moderne collections, Paris, France
(IN NEW YORK)                 Whitney Museum Library, New York, NY
                                              Modern Art Museum, New York, NY
                                              Brooklyn Museum Library, New York, NY
                                              Gorge Eastman House Library, Rochester, NY
                                              Cooper Union Art School Library, New York, NY
                                              Bibliotheque National, Paris, France

2007, Oct                 “Japan caught by camera”- works from the photographic Art in Japan
                                Shanghai Art Museum
2007, June               9th Annual invitational outdoor Garden Exhibition. UNISON Art Center, New Plats NY
2006, June               8th:
2005, June               7th
1997                          The Virlane Foundation Collection, Catalog, New Orleans, LA
1995, January           "Street Scene," The edifice Complex, Norton Center for the Arts, KY
1994                            "New Art IN an Old City #2," The Virane Foundation, New Orleans, LA
1994, March               "NICAF," International Contemporary Art Fair #3, Yokohama, Japan
1993, September      "Border Borderless, Japanese Contemporary Photography," Tokyo Metropolitan of Photography, Tokyo, Japan
1992, March               NICAF catalog in Japan
1992                            The Virlane  Foundation Collection, New Orleans, LA
1992                             "WEI," Bisoh Co., Japan
1992, March                "NICAF," International Contemporary Art Fair, Japan
1991, November        Masao Gozu, "IN NEW YORK," Exhibition, K.S.P Gallery, Kawasaki, Japan
1991, October             Masao Gozu "IN NEW YORK," Exhibition, Shinjuku-Mitsukoshi Miamian gallery, Tokyo. Japan
1991, October             14 Japanese Artists, Zelt foto salon, Nihonbashi-Misukoshi Gallery Tokyo, Japan
1990, October             Photo 90 Le Program Dumas, Paris, France
1989, March                "Dross to Arts," Islip Museum, East Islip, NY
1984, June                  "What are you waiting for?" National Endowment for Arts and Washington State Arts Commition
1982,                            "Art In Form," Sanfrancisco,CA
1981                             "Printed Matter," Non-Profit Organization, New York, NY

2000, March               “Dictionary of Japanese Photographers,” Tokyo-to Shashin Bijyutsu Kan Shook Satsuma,
1999, May                   “History of Contemporary Japanese Photography 1945-1995,” Nihon Shoshanna Kyokai ersion, Heibon Co., Japan
1996                            “Ina Nobuo Award 76-95,” Nikon Camera Co., Japan
1988, Oct                    “Japanese Photographer #12(New Wave),Koodansya publishty.Co.
1987                            “Nikon Annual 1986-87,” Nikon Camera Co., Japan
1986                            “Nikon Annual 1985-86,” Nikon Camera Co., Japan

1990, April                   “New York” (published by Advertise communications), Japan
1990, October             “IN NEW YORK (Feb. 1971-Mar. 1989) MASAO GOZU,” Masao Gozu, New York, NY
1985, March                “IN NEW YORK (Feb. 1971-Dec. 1984) MASAO GOZU,” Masao Gozu, New York, NY
1981, February           “IN NEW YORK (Feb. 1971-Nov. 1980) MASAO GOZU,” Masao Gozu, New York, NY

2005, Winter#43         Art Asian Pacific. USA
1996, March                Gallery.  Japan (#19 New York by Gen Hikage)
1994, October             Architectural Digest, U.S.A
1993, November         Asahi Camera, “Border/Borderless, Japanese Contemporary Photography,” Kataro Iizawa, Japan
1993.Nov                     “Tokyo jin” ( Japanese contemporary photographer )- Tokyo-to Museum, Tokyo Japan
1993, October              Elle Deco, Japan
1993, September        Asahi Graph, Japan
1993, September        Pia, Japan
1992, January              Good Press, Japan
1991,Dec                      Misuzu#36( broken down window), Japan
1991,Dec                      Commercial photo( IN NEW YORK exhibition ), Japan
1991, November         Bungeishinjyu, Japan, (people-Window)
1991, October              deja-vu, Japan, (Masao Gozu exhibition at three galleries, by Akira Kokubo)
1991, October              Hanako, Japan, (Here&Now, exhibition for Masao Gozu)
1991, June                   gap Deux6, Japan, (Japanese Artists in New York By Akira Kokubo)
1991, May                     21 Prints, Japan, (Exhibition at O.K. Harris gallery by Tatsuo Kondo)
1990, December         Photographic, France, (Photo 90 Dumais, Paris, France)
1990, November          Zoom, France
1990, November          L’avenir, France
1990, November          Photographic, France
1990, November          Regart Expo, France
1990, August                Marie Clair, Japan, (Current books by Hidetoshi Fuse)
1990, July                      Asahi Camera, Japan, (New Book, “New York”)
1990, July                      Nihon Camera, Japan, (Book review by Kineo Kuwabara)
1990, June                    Esquire, Japan, (Bookbrief, current books, best 8, “New York”)
1990. May                      HAKUBA ( interview )
1989, July&August       Photo Technique, (Photographic Talk, Interviewer: Kotara Iizawa)
1989                                Tokyo ink news, Japan   
1989, April                      Nihon Camera, Japan, (Window)
1989, April                      Bijutsu Techito, Japan
1988, December           Nihon Camera, Japan, (Foreign Report)
1988, December           Asahi Camera, Japan, (Foreign Topic, by Akira Kokubo)
1988, November           Geijyutsu-shinchiyo, Japan, (Masao Gozu Exhibition at O.K. Harris Gallery)
1987                                APPEARANCE #13, U.S.A.
1986, October                Photo Technique, Japan
1986, March                   Asahi Camera, Japan, (New Wave)
1986, January                Nihon Camera, Japan
1986, January                Zoom, Japan, (10th Ina Nobuo Prize)
1985, December           Nihon Camera, Japan, (10th Ina Nobuo Prize)
1985, December           Asahi Camera, Japan (Window)
1985, June                      Asahi Camera, Japan
1985, March                    Photo Japan, Japan
1985, Spring                   Nikon Club, (264 Bowery street, New York)
1985, February               Asahi Camera, Japan, (Bowery street)
1985, February               Camera Mainichi, Japan
1984, December            Nihon Camera, Japan
1984, June                      Bijyutsu-techiyo, Japan, (Photo gallery)
1984                                 Pentax Family, (IN NEW YORK (Feb. 1971-Dec. 1984) Masao Gozu)
1984, June                      Creative Camera, U.K., (by Colin Osmon)
1984, March                    Modern Photography, U.S.A., (by Julia Scally)
1981, February               Asahi Camera, Japan, (by Akira Kokbo)
1981, February               Camera Mainichi, Japan, (by Jun Miki)
1980, December            Camera Mainichi, Japan, (Ethnic minority-New York)
1980, May                        Geijyutsu-Shinchiyo, Japan, (World snap-Art news)

2007. Aug 15               Daily Tohoku, Japan ( #10 1974 New York- Hironao Toshima )
2005,Feb 5                   New York Seikatsu( weekly news paper ), USA- O.K Harris exhibition
2004, Aug 30               Shimin Times, Omachi Nagano, Japan ( Exhibition Hibino Syoukei with student )
2005. Feb 5                 Syukan-NY Seikatsu, USA ( O.K Harris exhibition )
2004.Aug 30                Shimin-Times, Omachi, Nagano, Japan
2002. June 13             Shimin Times, Omachi Nagano , Japan (
2001, Sept 30              Sankei News paper, Japan ( People in Shinsyu )
2000.Jan 12                 Shimin Times,Omachi,Nagano, Japan ( Azumino ecey-Kiyoshi Ishizawa )
1996, January 19        The Yomiuri America, U.S.A, “Window Exhibition, at O.K. Harris Gallery”
1993, December 8      Oito Times, Nagano, Japan, “New York Window”
1993, Nov 22               Tokyo News Paper, Japan ( Hello pet )
1993, October 24        Nagasaki Newspaper, Japan, “Border/Borderless, Japanese Contemporary Photography, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography”
1993, October 24        Sanyo Newspaper, Japan, same as above
1993, October 9          Yomiuri Newspaper, Japan, same as above
1992. Aug 30               Shimin Times. Omachi Nagano, Japan ( Hibino-sennsei )
1992. Aug 26               Shinano Mainichi news paper, Japan
1992. Aug 24               Asahi news paper, Japan
1992. Aug 24               Cyunichi news paper. Japan
1992. Aug 22               Shimin Times Omachi Nagano. Japan
1991.Dec 15                Tokyo News paper.Japan ( IN NEW YORK exhibition – K.S.P gallery)
1991,Nov 27                Kanagawa News paper, Japan ) IN NEW YORK exhibition – K.S.P gallery )
1991, November 27   Kanagawa Newspaper, Japan, “IN NEW YORK,” Exhibition at K.S. P Gallery, Japan
1991, October 26        Asahi Newspaper, Japan, “IN NEW YORK,” Exhibition at Mitsukoshi, Tokyo
1991, October 3          Asahi Newspaper, Japan, same as above
1991, October 2          Nikkei Newspaper, Japan, same as above
1991, February 26       Yomiuri Newspaper, Japan, “14 Japanese Artists in New York”
1991. Dec 15               Tokyo News Paper, Japan ( exhibition in KSP gallery )
1990, November 23     Livelation, France, “Photo 90 Le programe Dumais,” Paris, France (Le prix special du jury, Moris de la photo)
1990, November 20     Livelation, France, “Photo 90 programe Dumais,” Paris, France
1990, May 28                 Mainichi Newspaper, Japan, “New York” (Photograph book)
1990, May 20                 Asahi Newspaper, Japan, same as above
1989, April 19                News day, New York, “Spot Right” by Bill Kufman, Islip Museum exhibition
1989, April 9                  The New York Times, “I slip Museum Exhibition” by Helen Harrison
1989, March 9               Long Islander, Islip Museum Exhibition
1985, Dec 1                   Yomiuri Newspaper, Japan, “Bowery street, 10th Ina Nobuo Prize”
1985. Dec                      Shin-Bijyutsu News Paper, Japan ( 10th Nobuo Ina Prize )
1985, November 1       Nikon Newspaper, Japan, same as above
1980, March 17              Village Voice, “Voice Choice,” by Fred Macdalan

1997           “Syashinteki-kioku” - Kazuo Nishi ( published by seitousya ) Japan
1996           “Photographers,” -Kotaro Iizawa, ( published by sakuhinsya )Japan
1994           “Toi souwa,” - Riyutaro Imafuku (published by seigenshya), Japan
1993           “Grape fruit juice,” - Yoko Ono (published by Kodanshya), Japan
1990           “Gendai shashin notenkai,” by Akira Kokubo (published by Chikuma Shiyobo), Japan
1990           “Kurayami no lesson,” by Kozuo Nishi,( misuzu syobou ) Japan

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